Month: November 2020

The appearance has been renewed. From all black to white color that fits in the office HP T520 and T530: – The difference in appearance between the HP DesignJet T520 and T530 is the “color”. Renewed from all black, T530 will be an elegant white color. Recently, white-collar large-format printers such as the T530 are […]
A large number of 3D printer parts lined up on the desk of Materialize researcher and engineer Giovanni Vreminks. Actually, this is a test part output using the new 3D printer ” HP Jet Fusion 4200″ developed by HP . Materialize is one of the few partner companies that has had the opportunity to introduce […]
Guideline for HP Printer Setup on Gadgets or Portable device HP Printer setup:- This document is intended for HP printers and Android smartphones / tablets. When I try to print from my Android phone or tablet, I get the message ” This printer is currently unavailable “. Check your network connection and resolve any HP […]
World’s smallest and lightest * large T520 Technology What is T520 Technology? T520 Technology Achieves the world’s smallest and lightest body size for a large format printer that supports A1 size output. A large format output environment can be maintained even in a small space. In addition, the stand, which was an option in this […]
HP Designjet T520 is compatible with the free cloud-based web service “HP Designjet ePrint & Share HP Designjet ePrint & Share” provided by HP. You can use your tablet, smartphone or laptop to access the printer and print. You can print from the meeting room, on-site, or even from home. You can print when and […]
HP Design Jet T520-No is an entry-level model for A1 / A0 plotters. It has abundant functions and the price of the model itself is set low. It is a nice feature that the stand and Wifi (wireless) are not optional but basic equipment. There is no extra option cost. The HP Designjet T520 is […]