Designjet ePrint for the HP Designjet T520

HP Designjet T520 is compatible with the free cloud-based web service “HP Designjet ePrint & Share HP Designjet ePrint & Share” provided by HP.

You can use your tablet, smartphone or laptop to access the printer and print. You can print from the meeting room, on-site, or even from home. You can print when and where you need it. You can also print seamlessly from AutoCAD WS, or email the file to HP Designjet ePrinter for printing.

A copy of the printed file is saved in your HP Designjet ePrint & Share account, making it easy to find the file when reprinting. You can also easily view, share, and print files. If you make good use of these functions, you will be able to dramatically improve your work efficiency.

Sober and convenient HP Designjet T520 automatic firmware update

It also supports automatic firmware updates. Freed from complex rule-based installations. The HP Designjet T520 will automatically check the firmware version, and if there is the latest updater file, the version upgrade will be executed.

In fact, the durability test of the HP Designjet T520, which has been confirmed firmly

HP (Hewlett-Packard) is also the world’s largest manufacturer of printing equipment. In recent years, there are few parts that are inferior in quality compared to domestic manufacturers. For those who are still uncertain, here is the durability test for the HP Designjet T520.

Drop test It is dropped

from a height of 60 cm in a package. We carry out vertical and horizontal drop tests. There is no problem with the contents.

Vibration resistance test When

placed in a package, it gives a maximum acceleration of 45 gatsu.

Vibration with a maximum frequency of 500 Hz and a maximum acceleration of 2.1 gal is applied directly to the main body.

It does not affect the print quality.

Impact test An

impact is applied at a speed of 98 cm (the speed at which a person pushes and moves). I will also drop it.

Impact ball A

450-gram iron ball is dropped from 120 cm and hit. I also hit it from the side.

Severe climatic conditions

45 degrees Celsius, 80% humidity, 25,000 volts discharge is also crap.

How to install roll paper for HP Designjet T520

We will also show you how to install roll paper on the HP Designjet T520. How to attach the roll is one of the problems to worry about when using the first model. It is safe to read this.

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Open the roll paper cover. Remove the spindle.

Both ends of the spindle have stoppers that hold the roll paper in place. You can remove the blue stopper and install a new roll of paper. This stopper is adjusted by sliding it along the spindle to secure roll paper of different widths. Remove the blue paper stopper from the end of the spindle.

Install a new roll of paper on the spindle. Pay attention to the orientation of the paper. The spin dollars are labeled with the correct orientation. Make sure there is as little space as possible between both ends of the roll paper and the spindle stopper.

Attach the blue stopper to the opening of the spindle and push it toward the edge of the roll paper. Make sure the blue stopper is pushed as far as possible. Make sure there are no gaps between the roll paper and the stoppers on both ends. If you use different types of paper on a daily basis, you can quickly change rolls by preparing multiple spin dollars preloaded with different types of paper. Additional spindles can be purchased separately

We will also show you how to attach the cut paper. Roll and cut paper use the same input slot on the printer.

Paper with a width of 329 mm or less must be loaded from the multi-sheet tray.

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