HP T520 and T530 compared old and new!

The appearance has been renewed. From all black to white color that fits in the office

HP T520 and T530: – The difference in appearance between the HP DesignJet T520 and T530 is the “color”.

Renewed from all black, T530 will be an elegant white color. Recently, white-collar large-format printers such as the T530 are popular because many offices incorporate inflated colors such as white in order to make the limited space look wider.

Faster output while maintaining print qualityHP T520 and T530

The output speed is faster than the T520 while maintaining the print quality.

This is a comparison of the printing speed of A1 size monochrome line art data (in high-speed mode).

ModelT520 predecessor modelT530 new model
A1 modelAbout 40 secondsAbout 30 seconds
A0 modelAbout 30 secondsAbout 27 seconds

Even with color, printing was completed in a matter of seconds after the data was sent, with a sense of speed not much different from monochrome printing. Please see the actual printed video.

Print quality that faithfully reproduces colors

HP DesignJet T530 for accurate CAD data and faithful color reproduction.

Do you have an issue with the colour is satisfactory on a computer, but the colour is slightly different in actual printing”?

If you use a large format printer from another company, the contrast will be strong and the color may be output more vividly than the actual photo. HP’s DesignJet series color prints are good at faithfully reproducing colors, so it is recommended for those who seek “accuracy” of colors.

For ink, use the HP711 ink cartridge as with the previous model.

Since it is also sold at mass retailers, it is relatively easy to obtain compared to ink from other large format printers.

Also, unlike conventional dye inks, HP Bright Office inks are used, improving color development and durability. It also has sufficient fading resistance for applications such as drawing output.

What is the durability you care about?

Isn’t the main body fragile at this low price? I think there are many people who are interested.

As those who have been using the T520 for a long time already know, this DesignJet series is actually very popular because it is “hard to break down” and “hard to break”.

Like the T520, the T530 is carefully inspected one by one and undergoes various durability tests before shipping.

In product development, we have confirmed operation in harsh climatic conditions as well as drop tests, vibration resistance tests, impact tests, etc. in the package. 45 degrees Celsius, 80% humidity, 25,000 volts discharge is no damage, and contrary to its simple appearance, it is very sturdy.

If you use a large format printer infrequently, the printer will not work properly only when you use it for the first time in a long time due to humidity. There are also troubles such as. To prevent this from happening, it is safe to carry out a thorough durability test.

Advantageous T530 legless model “HP DesignJet T125”

For those looking for a legless model with the same specs as the 123.HP.com/setup DesignJet T530, we would like to introduce the “HP DesignJet T125”.

The price is in the 120,000 yen range, which is quite reasonable among large format printers, so it is recommended to put it in the office as a spare machine.

The lightest in the world! The world’s smallest class size! Easy installation in empty space

It weighs about 25 kg and is the lightest in the world (* according to HP research), so it can be installed on an empty desk in the office or on a shelf in the field.

By the way, you can attach the legs of the T520 as it is, so if you already have the T520, you want to switch it, but you also want to keep costs down! For those who say, T125 is recommended.

Free software HP Click compatible! Easy printing without complicated settings

Compatible with HP’s large format printer output software “HP click”. Anyone can easily output with intuitive operation without making complicated settings and adjustments with the printer driver. We also offer the HP Smart app, which allows you to print remotely from a smart device such as a smartphone, free of charge.

For example, if you used to outsource, you can reduce printing order costs. Even those who manufacture in-house can devote their time to even more productive work.

HP DesignJet T530 is recommended for these people!

Printing speed is faster than the previous T520, and printing is completed in about 30 seconds for A1 for T530 and about 45 seconds for T125. In addition, the lines are clear and the color of the image is faithfully reproduced, so it is recommended for those who seek “speed and accuracy”.

Recommended for those who are purchasing the DesignJet series for the first time, those who have been using the T520 for a long time, and who want to buy a new one but do not want to fail by buying another product.

Also, if you already have a T520, you can use it by attaching the legs to the T125 (T530’s legless model).

If you want to More Details about: HP T520 and T530

Visit: www123.hp.cpm/setup, 123.hp.com/setup


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