Install HP 4500 Inkjet Printers-Wireless Printer Setup

Install HP 4500 Inkjet PrinterThis document applies to computers running Windows and the following printers:

Connect the printer to the network to set up an HP printer on a wireless (Wi-Fi) network, and instal the print driver and software.

Step 1: Get ready for installation

Before you set up your printer on a wireless network, get the network name and password information and turn on your router, printer, and computer.

SUPPLEMENT: If you need a network password, go to How to find your WEP or WPA key or My Wireless Network password .

  1. Get the following information:
    • Name of the network: The SSID (service set identifier) is the network name.
    • Network password : The password is also known as the WEP key or WPA security passphrase.
    • Computers connected to a wireless network
    • Internet access: HP suggests broadband Internet access, such as cable or DSL, for downloading software and upgrading printers using web services.
  2. Make sure the router and computer are turned on and the computer is connected to the same wireless network to which the printer is connected. Turn on the printer and keep it close to your computer and within range of your router during setup.
  3. sconnect the printer from the USB or Ethernet cable.

Step 2: Connect to a wireless network

Use the Wireless Setup Wizard to connect the printer to your network so that the HP installer can find the printer during installation.

  1. Turn it on if the printer is not already switched on.
  2. Touch the Wireless button on the control panel of the printer. 
  3. The Wireless Monitor is revealed.
  4. Touch the Settings icon .
  5. Touch the Wireless Setup Wizard and follow the instructions on the control panel to connect the printer to your wireless network.

Step 3: Download and Install HP 4500 Inkjet Printer software

Start the software installation on the computer where you want to print, and then download and install the HP full-featured print driver. Includes a wireless print driver as well as an HP Printer Assistant with scanning and other printer management capabilities.

  1. access to enter the model number, [Begin] (start), [Download] Click on the order of (download).
  2. On HP Easy Start, double-click the model number name driver file in your browser’s download bar or the Downloads folder to start the installation.
  3. When you are prompted to select the software and drivers you are using, [Full Software And Drivers] and select the (full software and drivers) [Continue] Click on the (Continue), printing of full-function in accordance with the instructions on the screen Install the driver and complete the wireless setup.

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