Introduction of HP Design Jet T520-No.

HP Design Jet T520-No is an entry-level model for A1 / A0 plotters. It has abundant functions and the price of the model itself is set low. It is a nice feature that the stand and Wifi (wireless) are not optional but basic equipment.

There is no extra option cost.

The HP Designjet T520 is available in two versions : the 24inch A1 Plus (610mm) and the 36inch A0 Plus (914mm).

As it is an entry model, A1 Plus (610mm) is popular. The price of A1 Plus is in the 150,000 yen range, which is an attractive setting. This article describes the HP Designjet T520 24inch A1 Plus (610mm) model.

The printing method is a thermal inkjet method. Ink is ejected using the energy generated and reduced by heat. It is basically the same mechanism as Canon’s bubble jet method and other companies.

The maximum print resolution is 2400 x 1200 dpi. In recent years, the resolution is already sufficient and there is nothing special to mention. The printing speed is about 40 seconds in high-speed mode with A1 size line art data (plain paper). It’s not particularly fast, but it’s not too slow.

The running cost is about 14 yen for high-speed output of color CAD drawings and plain paper (A1 size) with long side output.

* Calculated from the HP Directplus priced ink (pack of 3), print head, and the number of printable sheets of measurement sample output.

The number of printable sheets per set of ink: Approximately 820 sheets. Achieves a relatively low running cost.

Compatible paper is compatible with A4 and A3 cut paper. By hand, it supports from 210 x 279 to 610 x 1897 mm. Flexible cut paper printing is possible. You can set a specific cut paper in advance, which saves you the trouble of cutting compared to roll paper. Roll paper can be installed from 279 to 610 mm. The outer diameter is within about 100 mm

The interface is relatively rich and supports USB 2.0 High Speed, 10 / 100BASE-T Ethernet (TCP / IP only), and Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11b / g). If you want to print at high speed, you should use USB 2.0. Basically, we recommend using Wi-Fi.

The memory is 1GB. HDD is not installed. Nowadays, you can print from data on the cloud, so unless you have a harsh amount of data, you can say that you don’t need an HDD.

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Windows / Mac is available as the printer driver. You can also secretly download the XP-specific driver from the HP site. The use of XP is deprecated for security reasons. You can also use Apple AirPrint and so on. If you install the HP Mobile Printing app, you can print from your iPhone, smartphone, iPad, etc.

The page description language supports HP-GL / 2, HP-RTL, and HP PCL3-GUI. Since it is an entry model, it does not support RIP.

The power consumption is 35W during operation and 4.5W during standby, which is a considerably energy-saving design. The external dimensions (width x depth x height) are 987 x 960 x 932 mm. It weighs 34 kg. There is no doubt that it is the world’s smallest and lightest class in A1 size. The weight of the stand is 8.5 kg. Both external dimensions are less than 1 meter. It is a size that is easy to install even in a small office.

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