List of HP Printer Series

Hp printer series :- Due to the huge selection, it can be difficult to select the right printer. To make it easier, printer brands have divided the printers into different product lines. This way you can choose which printer series suits you best.

HP has introduced a few product lines, making it easier to choose the right printer. Most HP printers work with ink cartridges . An exception are the HP Laserjet printers, which use toners. Here is the list of HP Printer Series showing below :-

HP Deskjet: compact A4 inkjet printers for home use 

The HP Deskjet series consists of affordable and compact printers that are very suitable for home use. Deskjet printers are ideal for everyday use and can scan and copy in addition to printing. These all-in-one inkjet printers are easy to install, so you can get started quickly. You can easily connect the Deskjet series to the internet, so that print jobs can even be sent from your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

HP ENVY: inkjet printers for printing photos at home

The HP ENVY is also an inkjet printer that works best at home. Thanks to the high print quality, these printers are very suitable for printing photos, and of course you can also print text documents with these printers. Send a print job from your smartphone or tablet by connecting your printer to WiFi, Bluetooth or NFC.

HP Officejet: compact inkjet printers for small (home) offices

As the name suggests, HP Officejet printers are designed for the office. You will mainly find this inkjet printer in small offices or home offices. The printer is compact, has an average print speed of 15 pages per minute and is fast enough to be used by about three employees. An HP Officejet Pro can accommodate about five employees and has a larger input and output tray, which makes printing multiple documents easier.

HP Laserjet: fast laser printers for schools and offices

The HP Laserjet printers are often found in medium-sized offices and schools. These printers have a high print speed, large print volume and low maintenance costs. These laser printers use HP toners instead of ink cartridges. Toners have a large capacity, so you don’t have to replace them quickly. A toner also consists of powder instead of ink, so you do not have to worry about drying out with a toner. Choose the compact HP Laserjet PRO or an HP Laserjet Enterprise.

HP Page Wide: quality printers that print full page width

In offices where a lot of printing is done, an HP PageWide is a must. Print at high speed in color or black and white, without compromising on quality. This printer is the best of the inkjet printer and the laserjet printer combined. What makes the PageWide special is that it prints the full width of a page in one go, making your print jobs ready in no time.

HP Tango: Print from your smartphone or tablet

This printer works with the HP smart app. You do not connect it to the computer, but print everything from your smartphone or tablet. Print from bed or from the couch, even if you are not at home you can send a print job to your printer. Your device and printer do not need to be connected to the same network to communicate with each other thanks to the HP app. Add this printer to your smart home and control it with your voice!

HP Sprocket: Print anywhere with mobile printers

The HP Sprocket is a wireless mobile printer that you can easily take anywhere. Via the HP app you can immediately print photos that you have just taken. This pocket printer is equipped with a rechargeable battery, so you are not dependent on the presence of an electrical outlet. A nice group photo taken in an amusement park? Give everyone a souvenir of this memorable moment. Print the photos on ZINK Sprocket self-adhesive photo paper , so that you can also paste your photos if desired.

Were you able to make a choice based on this product explanation? By looking at specifications, you can compare the different models  from official link which is Ultimately, you are left with a few printers and you know how to make the best choice based on price-quality ratio!

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