T520 technology – Features

World’s smallest and lightest * large T520 Technology

What is T520 Technology?

T520 Technology Achieves the world’s smallest and lightest body size for a large format printer that supports A1 size output. A large format output environment can be maintained even in a small space. In addition, the stand, which was an option in this class in the past, is standard equipment, increasing the degree of freedom of installation.

Full support for HP ePrint & Share

Fully compatible with HP ePrint & Share, you can use various functions such as file upload / download, preview, and print on the 4.3-inch large-screen touch screen located on the entire surface of the printer.

Maintains high-definition image quality

With 1GB memory and HP-GL / 2, which can realize high-precision line art reproduction with the minimum amount of data, the maximum A1 size color line art is 35 seconds, which is 36% faster than the previous generation machine. Doing.

Additional or Advance features of T520 Technology

Equipped with a dedicated tray that flexibly supports cut paper

Equipped with a tray on the top of the main unit that can store cut paper, in addition to roll paper. It also supports printing on general cut paper such as A3 and A3 Nobi.

Easy connection to wireless LAN with Wi-Fi function

With built-in Wi-Fi, you can smoothly connect to the wireless LAN in the office. Of course, it also supports wired LAN. Sharing from multiple PCs is also easy.

Long life print head

With the latest technology including T520 Technology, such as improving the efficiency of the ink path and adopting a patented polymer coating for the ink flow rate adjustment part, we have achieved about four times the amount of ink used.  

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